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What Are Restrictive Covenants?

Restrictive Covenants are rules and regulations that help keep the neighborhood in good condition. While rules are set by the developers, Homeowner Associations (HOAs) are the enforcers. In order to maintain residency in the community, homeowners must abide by the restrictive covenants. These bylaws can cover a wide range of issues, from parking restrictions to pet policies. Breaking these bylaws can result in fines or other penalties, such as loss of privileges. It’s important for residents of HOAs to be familiar with their community's bylaws and to comply with them.

Common Rules to Consider

When you’re getting ready to purchase a new home or condominium, you want to make sure they fit with your lifestyle. If your prospective property has bylaws and covenants they can impact your quality of life. Here’s some of the most common types of rules you’ll encounter in different communities.


Dog Breeds

It’s not unusual to encounter restrictions for certain breeds of dogs.



Horses, pigs, goats, and other livestock are not permitted in some neighborhoods.

house backyard fence

Fence Restriction

Look for rules around height requirements, locations, and styles.

friends party

Noise Control

To be considerate of your neighbors, noise ordinances can enforce quiet times of day.

vehicle parked at house

Vehicle Parking

Additional vehicles may not be parked on the driveway or in other areas.

boat parked on house driveway

Recreational Vehicles

If you own an RV or boat, know where and how you can store them.

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