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When it comes to finding your dream home within a convenient proximity to one of the local military bases, expert guidance is essential. Rebecca Quick, a knowledgeable professional familiar with the local area, can provide the support and insights you need. With a deep understanding of the real estate market, Rebecca can offer valuable advice and help navigate your search. Start your search below.

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Camp Lejeune

Richland - est 25 miles

Maysville - est 10 miles

Sneads Ferry - est 2 miles (back gate)

Huburt - est 2 miles (side gate)

Living near Camp Lejeune: An Advantageous Move

Welcome to the Camp Lejeune area, an ideal location for military families seeking convenience, community, and comfort. Strategically situated near the base, the local communities offer an ease of access to military facilities, not to mention a diverse array of housing options to fit varying needs and budgets. This area is more than just a great logistic spot—it’s a hub where military families thrive. With strong local schools, rich cultural experiences, and outdoor recreational activities, living here enriches your life beyond your work. Explore the opportunities to balance work-life dynamics effectively by opting for a home near Camp Lejeune.

Marine Corps Air Station,
New River

Richland - est 15 miles

Maysville - est 25 miles

Sneads Ferry - est 18 miles

Huburt - est 25 miles

Embrace the Convenience of Living near Marine Corps Air Station, New River

Discover the benefits of living near the Marine Corps Air Station, New River. Not only will you enjoy the practicality of reduced travel times, but you’ll also become part of a supportive community that truly understands military life. The surrounding areas provide a wide range of housing options suitable for different family sizes and preferences. The community offers quality education, unique local shops, vibrant outdoor activities, and a close-knit community. Enhance your quality of life and reduce the daily commute by choosing a home near MCAS New River.

MARSOC- Marine Corps Base, Stone Bay

Richland - est 30 miles

Maysville - est 40 miles

Sneads Ferry - est 2 miles

Huburt - est 40 miles

Experience the Best of Both Worlds near MARSOC- Marine Corps Base, Stone Bay

Choosing a home near MARSOC - Marine Corps Base, Stone Bay combines the best of convenience and quality living. With short commuting times to the base, you can maximize family time and take advantage of the local amenities. The neighborhoods in proximity to Stone Bay are renowned for their friendly residents, quality schools, and recreational facilities. Imagine living in a place where community spirit thrives, outdoor excursions abound, and a variety of local dining and shopping options are just a short drive away. Seize the opportunity for a rich, well-rounded lifestyle near MARSOC- Marine Corps Base, Stone Bay.

Ready to Purchase Your Dream Home Near the Base?

Trust Rebecca Quick to help you find your dream home near the base. With her expertise in the local market and understanding of military family needs, she provides invaluable guidance. From navigating VA loans to identifying ideal neighborhoods, Quick ensures a smooth and rewarding home-buying experience.