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Who can give a va loan? - Almost any mortgage lender can do a VA home loan.  Be careful when calling places like "VA Mortgage Center."  They have very high rates and are hoping that you think they are the only ones who can do VA home loans. 

Who has the best loan rates and fees? - Be sure to lender shop.  A home is a very big purchase, so shopping around is highly recommended.  Ask for a GFE (Good Faith Estimate) from your lender to see your bottom line costs, then compare that to other lenders.  As long as you pick a lender within a 30 day period, your credit will only get hit 1 time.  Call to double check.

Loan origination fees? - 1% of your loan, depending on lender.  This is paid as part of your closing costs.

Closing costs? - Closing costs consists of many different items.  Make sure to ask your lender for your Good Faith Estimate to know where all of your money is going.

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