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Restrictive Covenants For Crimson Faire

Restrictive Covenants are rules and regulations that are put together to help keep the neighborhood in a certain condition.  These rules are also referred to as Bylaws.  The enforcer of these covenants and bylaws is the land developer that put them into place.  However, if there is a Home Owners Association, then it is the job of the HOA president to make sure all residents are abiding by these rules.  If residents choose to break these rules, it is written into the HOA agreement on the process.  Many times, rules broken are followed up by an association fine that needs to be paid.   The below covenants may not contain up-to-date amendments made. 

Read Crimson Faire Restrictive Covenants

If you move into a neighborhood that has bylaws and convenants, you want to make sure you read the full document before signing the contract.  Some important items that may affect you living in a certain neighborhood are as follows:

  1. Breed Restrictions: newer neighborhoods have a list of 5-6 breeds to dogs are not allowed.
  2. Animals: horses, pigs, goats, and other livestock are not permitted in some neighborhoods
  3. Fence Restriction: there may be height requirements, location specific rules, and style of fence permitted
  4. Noise Control: if you have a lot of parties, read if there are noise restrictions after a certain hour
  5. Vehicle Parking: if you have more than 2 vehicles to fit in your driveway, read if you are allowed to park other vehicles in your yard, or on the road
  6. Recreational Vehicles: do you have an RV, boat, or other type that you want to park on your lot? Need to check if these will be a problem.

It is ALWAYS important to read the rules for your proposed community.  You don't want to move somewhere and be restricted on items that you were unaware of.


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